Dungeons, Drive-Ins and Dives

Session 0

The Lost Episode

What We Did:

Characters grocery shopped, settled into their luxury boat home (check out the Roommate Assignments) and played “Never Have I Ever” with the aid of Guye Firey’s Official Shot Glasses and some of Ayre’s “potato wine” (aka vodka). Malwin drank more than his fair share. He and Galiana felt kinship over their elveness and gayness.

What We Learned:

Todd and Malwin attended the same university before Todd’s untimely expulsion for biting an adviser. SOMEONE stole Runa’s ladle resulting in a true kitchen nightmare but no one will own up to the deed. Todd once studied food anthropology before his lycanthropy cut his academic career short (also, don’t let him eat chocolate on a full moon) while Malwin is well versed in the theory of cooking (and many things) just not the practice. Runa can help you locate rare herbs and spices but she can’t make rice. Ayre is baffled by surface produce variety, including “albino broccoli.” They can make some mean fried potatoes with the “good end” of their sword. Rose’s specialty is vegan food (though she’s not one herself) and she worries constantly about the nutrition of her fellow teammates. Zerra and Amalya are the ship pets and token minorities here for the food. Zerra can’t taste sweet. Amalya has a uniquely stable head. They both excel at sleeping.

Malwin attempted to research your first destination, the city of Polaris, without much luck. It’s a tourist attraction for the wealthy elite, hidden from the public eye. But your good ol’ boss Guye Firey somehow managed to snag you a table at the city’s most popular restaurant without reserving months in advance. What a Guye.

What We Acquired:

Amalya: Everything from the pet section that had a picture of a bird on it. Bulk mealworms
Ayre: An assortment of root vegetables, boxed wine
Malwin: A very large jar of Nutella, cups of ramen
Zerra: 145 slim jims
Todd: Sensible groceries
Galiana: See above though she seems to have her eye on everyone else’s food. Ayre is especially paranoid of her pilfering ways.
Everyone: Like 5 million things with Guye Firey’s face on them. Your bedsheets, your glassware. There is a picture of him on each of your nightstands. He watches over you while you sleep.



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